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Territory Organizer for Windows

Welcome to the official download site for Territory Organizer for Windows and iPhone/iPad.
Bienvenidos, aqui encuentra el programa de Organizar Territorios.
The following are some functionality of the program:


Presenting...Territory Organizer for the iPhone/iPad!

ipad screen shot of territory orginizer

Note: To use the iPhone/iPad version, you still need to install the Windows Version of Territory Organizer. The iPhone/iPad version requires the Windows version of Territory Organizer in order to maintain a central repository of your data. This design also allows for Publishers with other iPhone/iPad devices to obtain the Territory data!

Click here for instructions on how to setup the iPhone/iPad version.

News: Territory Organizer for Windows now has MAP feature! Click here for details


Click here to download latest version


The following section shows screens of the program

Homes Tab

First Screen Shot in windows

Maps Tab

2nd Screen Shot in windows

Reports Tab

Report: "Field Service Group List"

3rd Screen Shot in windows

Report: "Territories - Times Worked This Year Chart"

4th Screen Shot in windows